Rejuvenate your bathroom with a Glass Splashback?

If you’re thinking of updating or remodelling your bathroom, the selection of your bathroom splashback can be one the most important choices.


Although they are frequently linked with the kitchen, glass splashbacks are also very popular in other rooms of the house, particularly the bathroom. A Glass splashback will completely transform your bathrooms aesthetics and appearance.


Our Toughened Glass is a wonderful medium to use in the home and it can also add a massive visual impact in your bathroom as well. Many people don’t give their bathroom much thought when they use them as part of their regular routine. Some people choose to spend more time in this area of the house because they view it as a haven from the stresses of daily life.


Installing a new, sparkling glass splashback in your bathroom is the most economical solution in creating the perfect atmosphere while protecting your walls from water damage. You won’t have to worry about water seeping through the grouting of conventional ceramic tiles, ruining the walls behind them, or eventually causing mould because glass is completely impervious.


– Our Toughened Glass are durable, easy-to-clean and maintain

– Our Glass are custom made to your exact size or shape
– Our Glass come in a variety of vibrant colours and we can colour match from any major paint brands, paint chip or object to achieve the colour that you would like
– Our Glass can feature a custom printed, high-resolution image to create a stunning, distinctive and unique look
– Glass Splashbacks have a seamless finish, so there are no grout lines to clean


With a wide range of colours, patterns, and designs to choose from, our Glass Splashbacks will complement your individual style and décor. They provide an eye-catching and inexpensive way to decorate your plain bathroom walls and create the perfect setting to completely relax and unwind.


Our toughened glass splashbacks are easy to clean and maintain, making them a convenient option. One of the main reasons why people choose to have a glass splashback is because they don’t have grout lines that can collect dirt and bacteria, making them a more hygienic choice. Plus, they are highly durable and resistant to heat and moisture, ensuring that they will last for years to come.


– Shower Screens
– Glass Partition Walls
– Glass Vanity Tops
– Glass Wall Panels
– Glass Doors (hinged and sliding)
– Glass Shelves
– Glass Bathtub Surrounds



Your bathroom area will be completely transformed by the variety of toughened glass options offered by Polytech Glass, no matter the layout or design, our glass splashbacks are tailored and custom-made to suit the design of your interior.


To arrange for an in-house consultation including measure and quote, contact us on 02 9829 6777.