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Please browse through some of our most Frequently Asked Questions.



Q: What colours or effect can I have?
A: We have an extensive selection of coloured glass finishes with effects such as metallic and Pearl shimmer. We can also colour match any paint chip or object to achieve the colour that you would like.
Q: Is our glass transparent or opaque?
A: Our coloured glass is completely opaque therefore you don’t see any patches on the wall through the glass.
Q: What condition do my walls have to be in for installation?
A: We can install our coloured glass on most surfaces that are reasonably level with no hi spots sticking out; this includes walls made from rendered, plaster, villa board, and repaired walls etc.
Q: Is Polytech coloured and Mirratech Mirror glass safe?
A: Yes! Our Coloured Glass and Mirratech Mirror is suited for most conditions such as moist and heat areas, as it is toughened safety glass, (know as tempered glass) which is certified to meet Australian Standards AS2208/1996 and AS1288/2006 for use in domestic and commercial settings.
Q: Can I have power points or light switch’s in the glass?
A: Yes! This is no problem; as this is taken into account when we measure to allow for cutouts in the glass, ensure these are all fitted in walls prior to check measuring.
Q: At what stage is my project ready for measuring?
A: For a kitchen splashback this is ready when all cabinetry are installed, including overhead cupboards, flyovers, bench tops, power points, switches, architraves, stoves and all fittings where the coloured glass is going to be installed.
Q: Can I have coloured glass behind my range hood canopy?
A: Yes! The range hood needs to be pre-fitted and fixing points need to be installed or marked out, also pre-fitting of ducting or marking out is necessary. The coloured glass gets installed first and then the range hood canopy.
Q: How is the coloured glass installed to the walls?
A: The coloured glass is installed using Strong industrial adhesives. The perimeters are sealed all the way around, making it completely sealed.
Q: Is it a tidy installation?
A: Yes! All manufacturing is carried out in the factory, making for a clean installation.
Q: How long does it take to manufacture my glass?
A: Manufacturing time is 7-10 working days on average from check measure in most times and in extreme times eg: Christmas rush 12- 15 days.
Q: Does Polytech coloured glass come with a warranty?
A: Yes! Polytech Coloured Glass products come with a 5-year warranty. Against discolouring and delamination of the coating and on all our workmanship.
Q: How do I care for my Polytech Coloured Glass?
A: We recommend for best results to use a streak free glass cleaner with a good quality paper towel or lint free cloth. Avoid abrasive harsh cleaners, scouring pads or steel wool; also avoid the use of spirits or solvents to clean the glass.

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