Choose the Perfect Print for your Kitchen Splashback

A great alternative to our coloured glass splashbacks is a customised Printed Splashback, the perfect way to personalise and create an unusual, eye-catching design element or add a touch of your own originality to your kitchen, bathroom or any other decor space.


Printed Splashbacks are a bold and original choice, so if you want your kitchen to look stylish and colourful, then one of our digitally printed images are an excellent alternative. Our printed splashbacks are baked into the glass using the very latest in printing technology, so its not a sticker. Your design won’t wash or fade away, making it ideal for showers or other wet areas. 



What style are you trying to achieve? Selecting the right image is important when your trying to create the environment you want with the perfect print solution. To make the atmosphere more sophisticated, you may want to go for images with textures and repeated patterns. Colourful landscapes and nature images give an uplifting and relaxed, chill feeling. Gradient or Geometric patterns are used to attain a smooth transition of colour, and are available in a variety of patterns and combinations.

A textured splashback from our new Lifestyle Series is certain to give you a more realistic and natural choice as a print. With a number of textures to choose from, finding the right one has never been easier.


Here are just a few textured splashback ideas from our Lifestyle Series:  Marble  –  Stone  –  Terrazzo  –  Tile & Brick  –  Patterns



Printed splashbacks allow you to bring your favourite elements into your kitchen, bathroom, home or work space environment. You can select from our range or use high resolution images available on the internet.


Get the Latest in Modern Design with our Digitally Printed Splashbacks

All our splashbacks are made from the highest quality toughened glass. This ensures that they are long lasting, easy to clean and can be used in your home and business. We are confident you will find your perfect print piece.


To arrange for an in-house consultation including measure and quote, contact us on 02 9829 6777.